Private Consultations

These sessions are an opportunity to learn, grow and plan. If you are searching for preconception, pregnancy or postpartum planning and education these bespoke private consultations are a time to ask questions, gain access to resources and seek guidance on how to approach pregnancy, birth, or the postpartum journey.


This is for individuals or couples who would like to begin planning their journey, or would simply like to learn what’s involved in the process of becoming pregnant, birthing and newborn care. We discuss the ways to begin education, preparing the physical and mental body, and adjusting the home environment. All questions and topics are welcome.


Together we will build a comprehensive birth plan, find a doctor or midwife that is the best match for you and your goals. If a care provider has already been chosen, then we find ways to open communication pathways between you and them. We cover basics on what to expect throughout the whole process from pregnancy to newborn care. These sessions are for everyone at any point in their journey.


Tailored to offer guidance from breastfeeding to nutrition for postpartum recovery, as well as approaching early childhood rearing addressing topics such as nutrition, community resources, diapering, vaccines etc.


If you have already attended a childbirth class, or this is a subsequent pregnancy and you would like to build on the knowledge you already have this is a wonderful opportunity to do so. We will cover what to expect from pregnancy to birth and integration for existing siblings. Simply specify your goals during the intake process.