Placenta Encapsulation

Placentas contain stem cells which are a regenerative medicine, promoting a repair response in the body during the postpartum period. In addition to replenishing iron & balancing hormones, the placenta will assist in milk letdown.


Birth Photography

Looking back on your journey and the birth of your baby will be one of the most rewarding past times.

Casual maternity and family photo sessions

Capturing the labor, birth and first hour after the birth through documentary style shooting

Using natural lighting to capture newborn portraits and family bonding



A Japanese technique used for relaxation and stress reduction. This energy work is beneficial to restore emotional, mental and physical balance during pregnancy and postpartum. Unlock deep stress, anxieties surrounding birth and learn how to connect with your baby. Reiki self-care is key to optimum wellbeing.



Eyla is available to guest speak about her work. She educates on topics including but not limited to women’s health, sex/birth/body education and the birthing journey through a focus on aiming to change our perception of birth through empowered education. Eyla also provides educational classes for other birth professionals.