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About Eyla

Eyla Cuenca has lived and traveled throughout the United States and several countries, accumulating knowledge and expertise in her field that spans over a decade. Her work strives to connect women, parents, and children through the scope of conception, birth and parenting. As a Birth Guide, she draws on a blend of ancient traditions and evidence based information to bring custom tailored support to every individual no matter where they are in their process.

As a teacher, birth guide, and visual storyteller Eyla, offers Natural Birth classes, Prenatal and Postpartum Guidance Consultations, Reiki Energy healing, Documentary Birth Photography and highly individualized Birth Doula Support. She provides support in person and online so that anyone anywhere in the world has the opportunity for empowered birth education and guidance.

“Every birth is unique, be prepared for yours." - Eyla Cuenca


Bespoke Consultations

An opportunity to learn, grow and plan. If you are searching for preconception, pregnancy or postpartum planning and education these bespoke private consultations are an opportunity for Mothers (along with whomever partner she chooses to join her) to ask questions, gain access to resources and seek guidance in how to approach their pregnancy, birth, or postpartum journey. Together you will build a comprehensive birth plan and with Eyla, as well as gain assistance in finding a doctor or midwife that is the best match for you and your goals. These sessions are for everyone at any point in their journey.


“The knowledge of how to give birth without outside interventions lies deep within each woman. Successful childbirth depends on the acceptance of the process.” - Suzanne Arms


Love Letters

“Eyla is by far one of the best humans beings I have met thus far! She has been an amazing help to both my husband and I throughout our pregnancy. She is so knowledgeable and caring. She was our Bradley Method instructor and we were so pleased with her work! We couldn't get enough of her so we decided to also have her as our doula . I would recommend Eyla and all her services to anyone and everyone in a heart beat. Thank you so much Eyla for all of your support throughout this journey. Thank you for helping us find our path towards having a natural un-medicated birth.” - Lorena L.